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Curriculum Vitae


Psychotherapy, Experimental Methods, Developmental Psychology.



B.A. - 1962-66 - Tel-Aviv University, Psychology and Hebrew language
M.A. - 1966-69 - Tel-Aviv University, Clinical Psychology (with honors)
Ph.D. - 1969-72 - London University, Maudsley Psychiatric Institute
2-year course in Psychotherapy, 1970-71, Tavistock, London



1962 President's Award for research on courage and grief, "Memorial to the Seven," relating to the War of Liberation
1966 Tel-Aviv University President's Award
1968 Shevelov Prize, Psychology Department, Tel-Aviv University, for a study on the relationship between opinions and behavior (in Jewish/Arab relations)
1969-72 Scholarship, British Council
1970-71 B'nai Brith Scholarship, London
1971-72 Ann Arbid Scholarship, London
1973 Stipend from the Israeli Embassy in London for an exploratory trip to Israel for job search


Professional Experience

1965-69 Research and teaching assistant, Psychology Department, Tel-Aviv University
1967-69 Clinical psychologist, Mental Health Clinic, Ramat Chen, Mental Hospital, Be'er Ya'akov
1969-73 Senior Psychologist, Maudsley Mental Hospital, Bedlam, London
1972-78 Lecturer, University of London Medical School
1973-77 Lecturer, Department of Psychology and School of Social Work, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
1973-77 Senior Psychologist, Hadassah University Hospital, Ein Karem, Jerusalem
1978-82 Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Masters Program, Tel-Aviv University
1978 - present Partner and Professional Director, ADAM Institute
1983-97 Lecturer, Continuing Education Program, School of Psychotherapy, Tel-Aviv University School of Medicine
1985-86 Visiting, University of Munich (workshop)
1985-95 Composing reports and court-room appearances
1995-present Partner and consultant for AMI - a family business consulting company
1997-present An affiliate of FBCGI - an international business consulting group, USA


Professional Associations

1970-80 Member, British Psychological Association
1975 Supervisor, Clinical Psychology
1976-77 Member, Central Committee, Israel Psychological Association
1977-78 Contributed to the Psychologists Law (1977) and member of the first Psychologists Council, appointed by the Health Minister
1980 Supervisor, Vocational Psychology
1972-1993 Member, Rehabilitation Psychology Committee
1993-1997 Among the founders of the psycho-diagnostic division and a member of its committee in the Israeli Psychological Association



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  • Yanai, D. & Yanai, Y.O., Eds. (2001). Future Aptitudes: The Silver Ace, Tel-Aviv: Peker (Hebrew).


Papers Presented at Conferences

  • Yaffe, O. & Noy., D. (1965). Eating and drinking as courting metaphors in Jewish sources. Paper presented at the Ethnological and International Congress of Folklore, Athens, Greece.
  • Yaffe, O. (1973). Ethno-psychological patterns of acculturation based on researching the Samaritans in Israel. Paper presented at the Sixth World Congress of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, Israel.
  • Yaffe, O. & Shanan, Y. (1995). Medical students' profiles. Paper presented at Hadassah University Hospital, Ein-Karem, Jersualem
  • Yaffe, O. & Litman, S. (1975) Post-traumatic Israeli veterans fighting for job return: Group therapy experiences. Paper presented at the International Conference on Peace and War, Jerusalem.
  • Yaffe, O., Weller, L, & Shnat, R. (1975). Acculturation of young Samaritan men: Social class and personality factors. Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Israeli Psychological Association, Tel-Aviv.
  • Yanai, Y.O. (1977). The knights of the squared table: Career events. Paper presented at annual convention of the Israeli Psychological Association. Tel-Aviv.
  • Yanai, Y.O. (1986). Work, love, and infidelity: Inter-relations. Paper presented at a symposium on Gender and Work, Tel-Aviv University.
  • Yanai, Y.O. & Rubinstein, N. (1992). Feminine and masculine professions. Paper presented at the Annual convention of the Israeli Psychological Association, Tel-Aviv
  • Yanai, O.Y. (1995). Holocaust victims and career choices, Paper presented at the Annual Convention of the Israeli Psychological Association, Tel-Aviv.
  • Yanai, Y.O. (1996). Marketing and sales: Two different personality profiles - two different managerial approaches. Paper presented at the Veidat-Hair, Tel-Aviv.
  • Yanai, O.Y. (1997). Careers 2000. Paper presented at the 9th Israeli HR congress on Regeneration.
  • Yanai, Y.O. & Pines, A.M. (1998). When the unconscious chooses a career. Paper presented at the annualconvention of theIsraeli Psychological Association, Tel-Aviv.
  • Yanai, Y.O. (1998). From career to calling. Paper presented at the International IAEVG Conference: Border-free Employment and Careers, November, Kibbutz Ma'Ale Ha'Chamisha, Israel.
  • Yanai, O.Y. & Pines, A.M. (1999). Teachers' career burnout. Paper presented t the APA Convention, us.
  • Yanai, O.Y., Milo, T, & Hughes, J.E., jr. (1999). Governance strategies in global economy. Paper presented at the F.F.I. annual conference, Chicago u.s.
  • Yanai, O.Y. (2000). Career change in a changing world, paper presented at the International Congress of Pre-school Education, Jerusalem.
  • Milo, T. & Yanai, Y.O. (2000). The reversed family business: The case of an Israeli Hi-Tech Start-up. Paper presented at the Family Business Network, 11th Annual World Conference, London, October.
  • Yanai, O. & Milo, T.V. (2000). When David meets Goliath. Paper presented at the family business FFI International Conference , Washington, October.


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