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Dr. Orenia Yanai

Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai co-founded Adam Group, the leading human resources consulting firm in Israel, as well as Genesis Group, an international leader in management and human resources counseling. Dr. Yaffe-Yanai is also the co-founder of AMI, an international family business consulting firm that employs a unique genogram-based methodology. 
      After service as a military correspondent in the Israeli army, Dr. Yaffe-Yanai pursued Bachelor and Masters degrees in psychology and Semitic languages from the Tel Aviv University and completed her PhD in psychology at London University before going on to lecture at leading universities in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, London, and Munich. She has authored a number of articles for professional journals and presented papers at international conferences.
CAREER YOUR PASSION, her first book, soared to the top of the national bestsellers list upon publication in
2000 and remained there for 48 straight weeks.

Dr. Yaffe-Yanai is an experienced clinical and vocational therapist and a seasoned guide for personal quests, working with individual clients, couples and business partners on their diverse journeys toward their vocational calling and personal fulfillment.

Over the last 30 years, Dr. Yaffe-Yanai has consulted with industrial firms, financial institutions and government agencies in Israel, Jordan and Europe. Her lectures, writings and media appearances have had broad impact on human resources professionals and policymakers, as well as on thousands of individuals grappling with vocational dilemmas in their quest for a better future.

Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai is married to Dov Yanai and they have three children.

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