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CAREER YOUR PASSION       If we spend most of our lives working, then our jobs should be much more than just a paycheck. Our work should give us joy, shouldn’t it? But if it doesn’t, what then? And what do our grandparents have to do with it?

In a compelling new approach to career healing, Dr. Orenia Yaffe-Yanai assures us that getting stuck in one’s career is normal. In fact, getting stuck can be constructive, because, according to Dr. Yaffe-Yanai, it signals a vital turning point. Beneath the surface, each of us is like a river: deep down, we know where we want to flow.  

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       When we encounter an obstacle it forces us to push a little harder to move ahead. Once the impasse is resolved, we can flow freely again and our work can become a powerful means of self-expression rather than a repository for our fears and limitations.

       Starting with her own career narrative as daughter, sister, psychotherapist and vocational counselor, and applying the insights gained in her work with hundreds of clients, Dr. Yaffe-Yanai demonstrates a way of seeing and understanding that connects the individual and the family – a bridge from past history to present ambitions and future accomplishments. She wields profound insight and communicates a great love for people and for life.

CAREER YOUR PASSION provides far more than a collection of other people’s stories: it makes us productively curious about ourselves. Dr. Yaffe-Yanai sends us back to our own personal dramas, to pursue a dialogue with our parents, grandparents and siblings. This is ultimately a precious gift to ourselves as well as to our loved ones.


       CAREER YOUR PASSION was first published in the year2000 in Israel by Modan Publishers. The book went straight to the best seller list and remained there for 48 weeks. As of 2008, 22 editions have been published, 45,000 books have been sold and the current book sales continue to rise.

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